The actress

The Actress

Julia loves playing with the camera: “To slip into new roles again and again and to bring life into different characters, to tell a story and let the spectators dive deep into it, that´s what I find fascinating and fantastic.“ She masters her profession perfectly. Julia is changeable flexible, full of passion, and always gives her characters that special something, that catches the spectator immediately through her intense acting and strong personality. She is not restricted to a particular genre but is equally convincing in serious as well as in funny or romantic roles. According to her opinion, she always says, “Acting is not a profession for me, its a vocation”.

As an amazing basketball player, she is a team player and fits into any cast without airs and graces. At the same time, within this team, she manages to make the role to be filled her own and to give the character her very own touch.

Due to her many years of living in the USA, Julia speaks fluent English, which is why she often gets booked for international TV- and film productions.

Julia wants to grow in her profession, constantly develop herself, and not be satisfied with what she has achieved. That is why regular coaching sessions with renowned international trainers are a must for her. Theirs a reason why her credo is, “To rest is to stand still. “

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