Julia Helbich

She is known as film and tv actress. Amongst others the starred in the highest rated german tv series since 1970 and demonstrated her talents as tv host, model and voice actress.


Whether in the since 1970 highest-rated German series “Tatort” or in international TV and film productions, Julia Helbich got it all with her acting skills. Her talent and passion ensure that she gets quickly loved by the audience.


Julia Helbich always presents herself as charming, entertaining and informative on stage at galas, film premieres and other events including interviews with stars from all over the world. In conversations with world stars from sports and culture, she uses the opportunity to show her journalistic skills.

Voice Actress

With her characterful voice, Julia lends an incomparable expression to documentaries, TV commercials and the characters dubbed in foreign film productions.


The Multi-talent from BREMEN

Julia inherited her musical talent from her father, a former internationally renowned conductor, composer and the Bremen cathedral cantor. From childhood she grew up with music, learned various instruments and singing. Julia inherited her temperament from her Brazilian mother. As the only girl amongst four brothers, she learned early on to find her role within the family, to fight her way and assert herself. As a result, Julia developed plenty of self-confidence and a healthy amount of ambition. All of this brought her to America at an early age, where the passionate basketball player first launched her athletic and then her acting and hosting career. Even though part of her heart still beats primarily for Hollywood and international film, she has gained a foothold in various German TV and film productions, including the infamous crime classic “Tatort.”

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plays with the camera

the actress

Changeable, creative and full of passion – Julia Helbich slips into every role and makes it hers.

Eloquent and carismatic

the host

Her open and refreshingly natural manner makes Julia Helbich a sought-after moderator and discussion partner.


the voice actress

Her distinctive but melodious voice is an asset for every audio book and TV commercial or for the dubbing of computer games as well as foreign language or animated films.

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